We offer one-time deep cleaning services to clients across Wake Forest, and through our services are quite comprehensive and will leave your home feeling brand new, there are some things to keep in mind.

What our deep cleaning services include:

Our deep cleaning process is a detailed one, as we cover all surfaces of your home, including vacuuming furniture, fans, blinds, baseboards, and much more. We offer cobweb removal and clean your picture frames, headboards, and tables, as well as mattresses that have been stripped.

Our cleaners will also provide damp wiping and furniture polishing for certain parts of your furniture, as well as sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces like bathrooms and kitchens.For vacant homes, we offer cleaning for drawers, appliances, and other surfaces in your home.

It’s a detailed, incredibly extensive process that results in a spotless home, safe and germ-free environment, and one that you can settle into with ease, knowing everything’s been taken care of.

However, to make the process easier, you can take a few measures that will help clear the space and make the cleaning more effective:

1. Use this as the perfect opportunity to declutter

It may sound counter-intuitive to prepare your home for a professional cleaning session, but there’s value in this advice. A few days leading up to your session, give yourself time to declutter and clear out unwanted items. From old clothes to broken objects, to store items you never got along to use. Donate what can be donated, recycle glassware and metals, as well as old papers, and keep only the things you truly need and want. We don’t realize how much we accumulate till we’re staring at piles of things.

2. Remove obstructions and clear up messes

Again, your cleaners will be moving objects around, but despite this, you should remove and replace things where they belong for an easier cleaning process. Don’t wait around till they accidentally vacuum your kids’ toys, or lose a shoe, because things like that can easily happen. Declutter your spaces too, putting things back on shelves and in closets, where they can be cleaned too.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be sanitized during the deep cleaning process. Ask us for details!

3. Put away any valuables and breakables

This is very important to do because we cannot be held responsible for any missing or lost items during the cleaning sessions. Put away cash, jewelry, delicate objects, and demarcate no-go zones such as closets and cabinets to avoid any issues later. We’d recommend putting cash and other valuables in a secure place that only you have access too.

You can stick around while we clean too, especially in case the team requires help or assistance of any kind since it can take time for us to get familiar with your home. We’d love to have you around and see us work our magic.

Book a quality house cleaning session in Wake Forest with us, or get in touch with us for more details.