Whether you’re having friends or relatives come and stay over, or you’re hosting a party or get together, you’ll want your home to be in its best state for the occasion. Hosting can be stressful, what with making sure your guests have everything they need, that they’re having a good time, and they’re comfortable and well-settled, which is why focusing on cleaning and clearing up your home can be tedious.

Luckily, you can count on our tips, tricks, advice, and of course, award-winning home cleaning and care services to help make hosting a breeze. And with the cleaning taken off your hands, you can focus on having fun—after all, you’re the host and deserve to have a good time too!

You can contact us for the following services, and keep the additional tips in mind for preparing your home:

Get windows cleaned and prepared for a great view.

Our team will be in and out before your guests even arrive, cleaning your windows from the outside in to get rid of grime, dust, dirt along your sills and frames, stains on the glass, and any spots that could hinder the view. Enjoy clear, clean windows that let the sunlight in, adding décor such as Christmas lights for some festive vibes.

It’s especially useful to get window cleaning when you are hosting a daytime event or have guests staying for a few days because they’ll be able to see the wear and dirt on the glass.

Your kitchen and bathrooms need a thorough cleaning.

Do not underestimate the importance of having your kitchens and bathrooms cleaned. Whether someone’s coming over for an hour or staying with you for a week, people will be using your bathrooms. Our deep cleaning can clean out both places thoroughly, as well as sanitize and disinfect various surfaces to make them both safe. Cooking spaces should be cleaned and disinfected on the regular, especially when hosting people in a post-COVID world. Keep your bathrooms functioning well and get rid of dirt, grime, and another buildup common in bathtubs, mirrors, floors, cabinets, and many other surfaces.

Deep cleaning your home before you welcome guests can help a lot with the decluttering and sanitizing process.


Dust removal can spruce up your home significantly.

Dust settles in places you wouldn’t even think of, from couches to curtains, to doorframes. Getting our dust removal services can help get rid of much of that, as well as the dust hiding in your AC vents and ducts, triggering allergies and breathing difficulties. A quick cleaning session will leave your home dust-free and spotless.

Declutter your space and reorganize some furniture

In addition to getting our services, there are some things you can do, too, including decluttering and reorganizing your space. From moving unnecessary things out of the guestroom to storing toys, and random objects into closets, or even moving couches around to make more space (such as to dance!) can transform your home. Decluttering is great for when you’re on your own, too, because it’s an instant mood-lifter.


These are some of the easiest things you can do—or rather, have us do for you! Get in touch with us for a free estimate of our house cleaning services in Wake Forest today.