So you’re putting your house on the market, and you’re hoping to get a good deal for it. Of course, no homeowner wants to settle for less than their property is worth, but some shocking factors can impact the market value of your home, even if they’re seemingly irrelevant.

You’d be surprised at the impact first impressions can have on buyers and their agents, and even passersby who may otherwise feel drawn to that “for sale” sign out front. Although a lot of buyers are prepared to come across minor issues and a need for repairs when buying a home that isn’t brand new (but we know issues can pop up there too), there are certain things you can do to make a killer first impression and boost property value:

Regular cleaning helps keep things maintained.

There’s no denying that regular cleaning and other home care services play a major role in the short and long-term maintenance. For instance,  regular cleaning of air ducts prevents dust accumulation and system damage. At the same time, kitchen and bathroom maintenance can help cut down on repairs and extensive cleaning at a later stage. Your carpets and upholstery will also stay in decent shape, as regular cleaning can help reduce signs of wear and use.

Decluttering and staging your home for showings

While a home can’t look pristine all the time, you must put your best foot forward when you’re putting your home on the market. Whenever showings and open houses are scheduled, have your home spruced up with our quality home cleaning and care services, and help out with the decluttering process to make your space visually appealing.

Cleaning sounds like such a simple, inconsequential service, but it can boost your home’s market value significantly.


Get one time deep clean before showings begin.

In addition to regular cleaning and decluttering, a one-time deep cleaning can take your home to incredible heights. It’s especially helpful if you plan to move—both before and after you empty the home out. Before you move, a deep cleaning session can help you decide what stays and what goes, getting rid of the junk that you might not have realized you still possess. After you move or empty your home, deep cleaning offers a perfect in-depth look at your home and help potential buyers see the house in its barest state.

Increase curb appeal and overall value with exterior cleaning

Curb appeal is a grossly neglected factor in the appearance and market value of your home. With a busy routine, it’s easy to neglect your home’s exteriors, which are brave against weather elements, dust, dirt, debris, wear and tear, and spills and stains. Have your exteriors washed, windows cleaned, surfaces power-washed for a home that looks brand new!


You can contact our award-winning home cleaning service for any of the services listed above. From air duct cleaning to window cleaning, moving cleaning and much more, we serve clients across Wake Forest. Contact us for a free quote today!