If you’ve started noticing the windows at home or the office remaining dirty no matter how often they’re cleaned, it’ important that you consider learning a bit about window cleaning. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this piece to help you understand some of the culprits that may be behind your dirty windows. Take a look.

Grease and Steam

You may have noticed that kitchens tend to have some of the dirtiest in the house or workplace. This, of course is due to the fact that kitchen windows regularly come into contact with grease and steam in the kitchen. Unfortunately, you really have no way around this and will have to regularly clean your kitchen windows if you want them free of grease and steam and sparkling clean.

Handprints and Pets

If there’s one thing glass attracts, it’s handprints. Every time someone places their hands on or touches your windows, they will leave marks and handprints due to the oil on their fingers and palms. The best way to avoid handprints becoming a regular issue is to try and limit the number of times your windows are touched.

A woman cleaning windows using chemicals while wearing gloves.

If you’re a cat or a dog owner, your pets undoubtedly sit up next to your windows and rub their fur and noses on them. Of course, this will leave marks on your nice, clean windows, and you’ll have to clean them because of it.

Airborne Contaminants

When it comes to commercial windows, particularly ones in high-rise buildings, airborne contaminants are a significant problem. Commercial buildings tend to be located on busy streets where dirt, dust, and pollen are a recurring issue. Airborne contaminants, however, aren’t just limited to commercial buildings. If you go without cleaning your home’s windows for long enough, they’ll become a problem for your residential windows too.

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