A sparkling clean and organized house is one of the more satisfying things a homeowner can experience. Spotless floors, clean and organized furniture and carpets, vibrant walls, stain-free windows are all signs of a clean house. But what if there’s something you’re missing? Something which, if you don’t clean, can impact the overall quality of air in your house. If you haven’t already guessed it, it’s your air ducts.

Many homeowners tend to ignore their air ducts and let them collect a wide range of pollutants. Yes, the metal conduits fitted within your house attract dust, dirt, and a whole range of other pollutants. The kicker is, your air ducts circulate air throughout your house, so any pollutants present within them are likely to spread in the air you breathe.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the signs of dirty air ducts that are in need of cleaning.

Mold in the AC or Furnace

Considering the fact that both furnaces and air conditioners can develop condensation, there’s a chance that the moisture may lead to mold growth, particularly if you live in a humid climate. If you do indeed have a mold growth problem in your air conditioner or furnace, there’s a chance that your air ducts may be impacted by it.

Renovations or a Recently Built Home

Construction is equally noisy and messy. Unfortunately, the latter means that dust and debris can circulate and settle throughout your home. They can also make their way into your air duct system. This is bad because construction dust and debris can contain nasty and harmful particulate matter that can affect your respiratory system.

Your Heating/Cooling Costs are Climbing

A man inspecting an air duct with a flashlight.

Your cooling and heating costs should be somewhat predictable from one year to the other. That said, if you receive a bill that is unusually high and your records indicate that your bills are noticeably higher than they were about a year ago, then the culprit (at least partially) may be unclean air ducts.

If your ductwork contains high amounts of dust, dirt, and debris, it’s airflow will be obstructed, meaning you will probably have it working overtime to do the job right, leading to higher bills.

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