Regardless of how one feels about winter, everyone loves a warm home during the season. Fans of winter swear by the comfort of a warm home during a cold winter day. If you’ve ever slept in a warm blanket while it’s generally cold, you know how comfortable it can be.

However, that comfort doesn’t come free of charge. Without a functioning HVAC system, your home isn’t going to remain warm during the winters. Short of permanently taking up residence under a weighted blanket, you’re going to need a thermostat to keep your home warm, and that costs money. However, staying warm doesn’t need to break the bank. Here’s how cleaning your air ducts can control your bills.

HVAC Systems

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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems soak up a lot of energy and, accordingly, make a sizeable contribution to your utility bills. The system is designed to move fresh air around your home through a series of air ducts to keep your house at an acceptable temperature. Its three functions are connected: the first clue to how duct cleaning can benefit your heating bills.

HVAC systems typically come equipped with filters that remove the contaminants in the air before circulating said air. These contaminants can include dust, pollen, dander, and much more. While the air remains clean, the filters become dirty as the contaminants accumulate. The result is that it’s harder for air to flow through the ducts, which increases the HVAC system’s energy demands.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts

The dirtier your HVAC system’s filters are, the more work it has to do to pull air into and through the ducts. Besides that, dirty filters don’t function as well as cleaner ones. By periodically cleaning your filters and ducts, you reduce your HVAC system’s energy demands.

You can extend this cleanliness principle to the entire system. Filters don’t catch everything, so you can’t wholly rely on them to keep your ducts clean. Getting the air ducts and system cleaned will further improve the system’s efficiency and cut your bills by removing detritus from the system’s moving parts.

Besides cutting down your utility bills, cleaning your HVAC system will also lengthen its lifespan. Debris and contaminants can, over time, cause the system to prematurely wear and malfunction. As a result, cleaning the system also saves you repair and replacement costs (which you really don’t want during the winters).

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