A considerable number of homeowners take air ducts for granted. However, they’re also one of the important fixtures in any home. Not only do they circulate air in and out of your HVAC system, but they also ensure an overall comfortable indoor atmosphere.

The key to fully-functional air ducts is to keep them clean and well-maintained. Here’s why we recommend doing so:

Improved indoor air quality

The HVAC system is literally the lungs of your home. It’s the system that breathes in and breathes out. When the HVAC system catches these contaminants, they get re-circulated around the house nearly 5 or 7 times a day. The recirculation can, in return, can add to the ductwork buildup.

Most home occupants are susceptible to contaminants and allergens like dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and dirt. Individuals with asthma, autoimmune disorders, environmental allergies, and respiratory illnesses are particularly vulnerable. Regular duct cleaning can help improve your indoor air quality by a great deal.

Air duct cleaning in process.

Get rid of unpleasant odors.

It’s not just the dust that’s bothersome. Over time, when contaminants linger around the house, they can blend in with your indoor air and cause unpleasant smells. The bad news is that these unpleasant odors can quickly move around from one part of the house to the next. Other than that, dirt and dust can also form a musty smell inside the ductwork. You can filter out the scent and ensure a fresh-smelling home by getting the ductwork cleaned.

Energy savings

An average American spends a considerable chunk of their spending on their utility bills. You’d be surprised to know that nearly 25 to 40 percent of the energy used to heat and cool any living space is wasted.

The contaminants circulating your house has a considerable role to play. Even if you use filters, the HVAC systems can get dirtied just through regular use. As a result, the HVAC system has to work harder to produce the same output and start consuming more energy. Other than that, contaminants can also choke the airflow and result in compromised efficiency. On the other hand, a cleaner HVAC system uses less energy and improves cost-effectiveness.

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