The pandemic has compelled a considerable chunk of the US population to work from home. While WFH is a lot more flexible, balancing it with household chores is still quite a problem for many.

Here is some advice:

Set reasonable expectations

As a working individual, you need to have realistic and reasonable expectations of all you can do. Don’t over expect from yourself. There will be days when your home won’t be entirely spotless, and that’s okay. At times, if you’re busy and on the run, don’t be disappointed in yourself if your home isn’t immaculate. As long as you’re managing your work, putting food on the table, and catering to most of the chores—you’re doing a great job!

A woman working from home and catering to motherhood duties

Prioritize adequately

You probably have a gazillion home cleaning tasks lined up. The key is not to get overwhelmed and prioritize the tasks according to the degree of importance and urgency. Complete the urgent and essential tasks first, followed by the important but not urgent ones. Lastly, pay attention to the ones that are urgent but not important. The tasks that are neither important nor urgent should be the last ones to follow.

If you can, try to squeeze in some housework when you’re taking a break from work. Since most of us are working from home, no one can tell you when you can take a break. When the zoom meeting pauses, you can always get up and stretch your legs. While you’re at it, you can also straighten up the living room, take care of some cobwebs, and wipe the bathroom. All of this will take a few minutes.

Plan out things

Having a well-written cleaning schedule will always help. Think of which chores take a lot of time and which ones can be done quickly. Schedule your rooms to be cleaned when the kids are away at school. Look after the ones that can be done promptly during your breaks. Leave your weekends for deep cleaning. If you’re a morning person, leave the high-concentration tasks for the morning. Don’t forget to leave some time for your ‘me-time’ too.

Here’s the deal: you don’t have to do all of it alone. There is no harm in seeking some help if it’s available. If you’re based in Wake Forest, NC, you’re in luck because A.C. Harris Total Home Care Service offers a holistic suite of home cleaning services, including weekly deep cleaning. Leave it to us so you can take care of your family and work better. Request a quote now.