Just like your body, hair, and skin, your house needs a deep cleaning session too. You need to ditch the exfoliators and scrubs and pick up a microfiber cloth and detergents this time. However, deep cleaning isn’t the same as regular cleaning. Here are the differences:

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is just your simple way of cleaning your house. This is often known as domestic cleaning. Regular cleaning only tidying up the house, wiping the common surfaces in the house, and mopping the floors. In most cases, routine cleaning only involves the use of soap and water. It also includes cleaning the bathrooms and getting rid of any visible grime and dust.

Deep cleaning

This is very different from regular cleaning and spring cleaning. Deep cleaning is carried out less often and keeps your home clean for a longer time. It also includes cleaning the kitchen appliances such as the microwave, oven, cooking range, and dishwasher to remove any residue and grease stains

An excellent deep cleaning session also cleans any mess under the sinks, inside the window frames, and patio doors. The windows need to be cleaned both inside out, along with the blinds. When it comes to dusting, you also need to remove the cobwebs from each house corner.

A detailed deep cleaning checklist

Let’s start with the front door. A deep cleaning session means you need to clean the door frames, knobs, and handles rigorously. When it comes to the entrance halls, dust and wipe clean the picture frames, skirting boards, light switch plates, window glass, blinds, and structures. Deep cleaning also pays special attention to your fixtures and fittings, radiators, plug sockets, and fuse boxes.

As far as the kitchens are concerned, you also need to deep clean the cupboard boards, kitchen sinks, tiles, bin, and boilers. The cupboards need to be cleaned both inside and underneath the cabinets. Kitchen appliances that need your attention include oven grills, hob fans, extractors, kettles, machine trays, and tables and chairs.

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