Air Duct Cleaning

We Clean All Ducts and Vents for floors, walls, and ceilings, Full Service!  (No partial vent cleaning here)

Air Duct Cleaning services can eliminate hidden odors and allergies in the home while reducing house dust content.
The process extracts trash and debris while eliminating fine dust microparticles from the duct lining and trunks. We can disinfect your system from potentially harmful germs and bacteria that create indoor odors and allergic health reactions.
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You will be amazed at what air duct cleaning removes from your overall duct system. We have found: wood chips, sawdust, beer cans, nails, painter’s tape, coins, tennis balls, mouse droppings, urine, spider’s nests, food, and even dead mice and lizards.
Then you will be amazed at how your home now feels and smells better!
Our service
Our Air Duct Cleaning service includes: the cleaning and sanitizing of all floor ducts, ceiling ducts, air returns and vent covers, which are located under the floor, over the ceiling, and behind the walls – places where you can’t see. This includes the heating and cooling system components (e.g. cooling coils, fans, and heat exchanges) to help improve the overall efficiency of your system.
It’s a thorough cleaning of all floor ducts, ceiling ducts, returns, vent covers & system sanitizing. Under floors, over ceilings, behind walls the places that you don’t see. The service gives the assurance that your heating and cooling system is no longer the source of dust traveling into your home. Air duct cleaning should be performed at construction or before moving into an existing house. Considered to most a 1-time service. We recommend every 5 – 8 years.

Our phase 1 of service will rid your Air Duct System of trash, debris, harmful germs, bacteria’s and fine dust microparticles.

This gives you the assurance that any future dust problem will not start from the ducts. After the Air Ducts System has been thoroughly cleaned it can be eliminated as the source of dust being circulated into your house. We do recommend a higher grade of furnace filter at least a Merv 8 or 11 this will protect your newly cleaned system.
The EPA recommends having the air ducts cleaned only as needed — that is, when there is substantial visible mold growth inside, if the ducts are infested with rodents or insects, or if they’re clogged with excessive amounts of debris.
AC Harris recommends that any home that you purchase new or old, have the Air Ducts cleaned before you move in, or within weeks just after! Because when the allergy symptoms begin, it’s to late for prevention.

Duct Mopping – provides Remediation for Molds, Dander, Soot, and Dust.
‎Mops the inner lining of the ductwork through direct contact.
We use antifungal and mold inhibitor products.

Finally, avoid the newspaper and value pack type ads for Air Duct Cleaning!

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