A clean house is a germ-free house. AC Harris Total Home Care Service offers a range of professional cleaning services that help reduce health hazards in the home. From windows to dryer vents, our team of cleaners thoroughly cleans every nook and cranny in your home.

We provide quality health house services that help reduce allergies, mold growth and even fire hazards. If someone in your home gets sick often, get in touch with us for our house cleaning services.

We’ll thoroughly disinfect and sanitize your home, so you can rest assured that your house is free of harmful bacteria. Over the years, we’ve developed signature cleaning techniques that allow us to efficiently clean your house and prevent it from getting dirty again. As a result, you’ll have a clean and safe house.

If you’re in Wake Forest, NC, and are looking for cleaning services you can count on, get in touch with us today.

Ultimate House Cleaning services and when to perform:

Phase 1 Air Duct Clean (every 3 years to save)
Phase 2 Dust Removal (Twice a year minimum) for Best Results!
Phase 3 Window Clean (Year-round) Free price quotes
Phase 4 Dryer Vent Cleaning (every 12 – 16 months)
It all begins with the Initial Clean-out:

Our phase 1 of service will rid your Air Duct System of trash, debris, harmful germs, bacteria’s and fine dust microparticles. This gives you the assurance that any future dust problem will not start from the ducts. After the Air Ducts System has been thoroughly cleaned, it can be eliminated as the source of dust being circulated into your house.

That’s under floors, over ceilings and behind walls, the places that you don’t see. It includes a thorough cleaning of all ducts ceiling ducts returns and vent covers. All registers and grills will be removed for cleaning and sanitizing to be put back clean and fresh. The furnace will also be cleaned and disinfected for germs, bacteria’s and molds before reassembling and turning on. We do recommend a higher grade of furnace filter at least a Merv 8 or 11 this will protect your newly cleaned system So if you have not done so please plan accordingly.

Phase 2

Our Phase 2 will remove the accumulated dust build up from throughout an entire home. How do we do that?

Lots of vacuuming: all baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans and furniture. Special attention is paid to the dustiest rooms usually the Family Room, Kids Rooms, and Master Bedroom. Even dust that grows under and behind beds and night stands. When finished we safely Bag all the dust for carrying out of the house! Once this Dust is removed from the environment, allergens are instantly reduced along with the Dust mites.

“We are a full-service company and our mission of service is to clean whatever we clean for you at the highest level possible!”