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We have years of experience in providing top-quality cleaning services to improve air quality and the cleanliness of your home.

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Quality house cleaning services available year-round to serve your home and office air quality needs.
For more than two decades we have remained focused on one being great at one thing Dust Removal & Cleaning Services that provide real improvements for your home or office environment.
Our professional cleaners know where to find dust, its cause, and how to rid it from your home or office, to improve the indoor air quality so you can breathe clean air.
We take pride in our services and uphold the highest standards of care and while we work in your space.
Our Guarantee is to always leave your space cleaner than it has been before we came!

We provide: 

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Since most homes are built with at least one air return per 1000 sqft. If the furnace fan runs for 48–72 hours in each zone, the air is filtered properly and the airborne spore particles, dust, and dander can be collected and removed.

We offer premium-quality cleaning services to collect and remove dust settled across your home surfaces. Our professional cleaners manually vacuum every flat horizontal surface, including fans, shelves, and ledge, before moping, polishing, and wiping.

Our air duct cleaning gets rid of debris and trash as well as micro dust particles from your homes ventilation system. We carefully filter every zone of your home of airborne dust, dander, and spore particles to improve the air quality of your home.

Reasons to Choose Us

The standard single-family home was built with at least one air return per 1000 sqft.
So if your furnace fan runs for 48–72 hours it can assist in cleaning the air in your home.
When your air is filtered properly you can reduce the amount of airborne particulate including common house dust, pet dander, and even mold spores can be collected and removed.
We offer our own special brand of cleaning services that collect and remove the dust that has settled across your home surfaces.

Our custom cleaning techniques:

Phase 1

Our air duct cleaning gets rid of debris and trash as well as micro dust particles from your home’s ventilation system.

Phase 2

Annually vacuums all throughout your home including all tops of all high areas,
underneath and behind furniture, fans, shelves, fronts and back of doors and ledges, before wiping, mopping, and polishing doors and casings.
It’s the cleaning that filters every zone of your home by the extraction of the settled dust, dander, and spore particles that improves your home’s air quality.

Phase 3

Then we wash and clean your windows we remove the oxidized build-up from forced air heating and cooling.
We also wash and squeegee away the dust, smudges and haze to make your windows crystal clear.

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Most homes are constructed with at least one air return per 1000 sqft and when the furnaces fan is kept running from 48 -72hrs every zone can be filtered effectively and efficiently of all airborne dust, dander and spore particles.
Our Dust Removal Service concept collects and removes all house dust that has settled across a home’s surfaces by manually vacuuming every flat horizontal surface, fan, shelf or ledge before wiping mopping and polishing.

Air duct cleaning extracts the trash & debris as well as fine dust micro particles from the homes ventilation system to check off the furnaces as sources of indoor contamination.

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