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Quality House Cleaning & Dust Removal Services

AC Harris Total Home Care Service is a top rated detail oriented, all around house cleaning service. We have several phases of service to meet you every need. We are specialist at removing “Common House Dust, Pet Dander, Dust Mites and other Allergens. If dust has become a problem we are your solution! We’ve been “Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning” homes since 1996.

Phases of service that rid house dust, improves air quality to give you a healthy home and help your house shine.

Phase 1

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning is designed to eliminate hidden odors and allergies in the home while reducing house dust content. The process extracts trash and debris while eliminating fine dust micro particles from the duct lining and trunks. We can disinfect your system from potentially harmful germs and bacteria that create indoor odors and allergic health reactions. You will be amazed at what air duct cleaning removes from your overall duct system.

Phase 2

Dust Removal

Includes cleaning all room surfaces & window treatments as well as furniture & fans for starters. Our guarantee is that we will get your house cleaner than you have been able to by getting to the hard to reach areas. We will extract dust from your house which will prevent it being re-circulated.
The systems and techniques that we use help filter the dust particulate to the size of .2 Microns, better than HEPA filtration, before teaching you how your home may then filter itself better in the future. All of our dust collection will be placed into clear plastic bags for you to see before discarding – you will be amazed! The final result is that your home indoor environment has been improved because of the removal of these small particles and contaminants. This particular collection cannot harm you or your family anymore.

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